Honey Bee Nursery has been open since 2017, and we invite children to our nursery from the age of 4 months up to four years old. It is located in City Walk, the vibrant and chic new area of Dubai and is unique by offering its own style of an open plan layout. At Honey Bee Nursery we have a welcoming setting with a thriving atmosphere where children will have fun but also learn at the same time. At Honey Bee Nursery we have the highest standards in cleanliness and education, and our fully qualified staff will bring a safe and secure approach to ensure your child is well looked after and are meeting their learning goals at all times.

We have recently opened our outdoor area, which is safe and secure for the children to run and play outdoors. They are able to explore a variety of sensory experiences in the sandpit and mud kitchen outside.

Honey Bee Nursery is located in Dubai and is the sister Nursery of Bumblebee Nursery located in Sharjah. Bumblebee Nursery first started in July 2008 by our Founder and Principal, Sally Al Shakarchi who has provided an environment that brings children to a growing educational and developmental setting.

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