Honey Bee Nursery follows the Early Years’ Foundation Stage (EYFS) which sets standards that all children learn and develop in a safe, healthy and rich learning environment. It promotes the 7 areas of learning ensuring that teaching and learning prepares ‘school readiness’ and gives children a broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundations for good future progress through school life.

There are seven areas of development in EYFS. All areas are equally important and dependent on each other.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

In Personal, Social and Emotional area, children gain confidence as they learn to express their feelings, build positive relations with peers and adults and develop independence.

Language and Communication

Speech Language and Communication is promoted throughout the daily routines through story telling sessions, audio-visual aids, play based provision and role-play opportunities.

Physical Development

Physical development is promoted both in our outside and indoor play areas where opportunities for children to gain a good body control and strengthen gross and fine motor skills is available.


Literacy is amalgamated in all provision. Children learn to comprehend simple picture based story books and they start mark making to express their understanding.


Mathematics is also integrated in all provision. Children learn to sort, differentiate and identify basic shapes, sizes, weights, colours and quantities. They are also introduced to number values and the symbols which represent numbers.

Expressive Arts and Design

Expressive Arts and Design is promoted through a wide range of media. Children are encouraged to experiment arts and craft activities, role-play and pretend-play. Our music sessions develop good expressive arts skills in children.

Understanding the World

In Understanding of the World children learn to explore their environment and develop a clearer understanding of the world through role-play and theme based activities.

Our teachers follow theme based planning and parents are informed of these prior to the beginning of every topic.

Our teachers receive regular training to ensure that they have current and up to date knowledge of the curriculum.

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